Crossed Wires: Setting up your business comms

It has never been simpler in the 21st century to get in touch with people. The ready availability of the internet, social media and email means that you’re never more than a few clicks away from getting in touch with the key contacts who make your business tick.

Why is it, then, that setting up our business comms can be such a struggle?

Whether it’s phone systems, IT support helpdesks or computer equipment – it doesn’t take much for things to start going wrong and, crucially, cost your business money.

We spoke to Real Response Media’s managing director, Chris Pitchford, about how he went about setting up his business comms, what he’d do differently and how the modern world is changing the way we do business.

What difficulties did you have when setting up comms?

I decided very early on to lease my tech equipment – which I realised six months on wasn’t a good idea. We were simply growing too quickly.

So, whatever you do, you need to think about the positive when you’re developing your business – you have to future-proof things.

What is your advice for someone setting up their technology?

You want to avoid entering into long-term contracts as these can be lengthy and expensive to get out of, even if the service you are receiving is poor.

Explore how a cloud-based product differs from an in-house server and which works best for your business.

Also, look at how you host your product and your websites and, most importantly, what happens if they suddenly go down. This happened to us for a week and realised we didn’t have any crisis management in place.

What about phones?

We outsourced our phone supplier initially and didn’t have a very good experience with it.

But if I had my time again, I wonder if I would even use a phone system.

Instead, I’d give everyone a mobile because it saves a lot of time and effort, then have one landline number that comes in which can spread across everyone’s phone.