What’s your favourite scary movie?

For Halloween this year, the editorial teams for our two cruise publications – World of Cruising and Cruise Trade News – decided to put their heads together and come up with a selection of the ‘best’ cruising-based horror movies. Each member of the team would then make a case for their favourite which we would then put out to the public in order to decide what the Halloween cruising movie for 2018 should be.

Movies were picked for a variety of reasons, including taglines (“full scream ahead” & “Sea Evil” were instant classics), posters, body count (Titanic won that one, no seriously) and just sheer enjoyability. The campaign ran over the weekend with votes coming in from social media channels, e-mail and – in one fairly surprising instance – in person.

When the results were counted up it had become a nip and tuck battle between Ghost Ship:

…very much horror by numbers as every one of the genre’s standard plot points get ticked off along the way”,

and the ludicrously named Friday 13th part VIII: Jason takes Manhattan:

This is a terrible film and it’s not just Kelly Hu (movie debut) who would rather no-one ever watched it again. That being said, it does have its moments…”.

In the end, Ghost Ship took the win by the slightest of machete swipes over Jason Voorhees and his seventh sequel.

Do you agree with our choice?